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You can’t do much, alone. Pikuniku is an absurd puzzle-exploration game that takes place in a strange but playful environment. The player must rebuild a community by helping the Worry people confront their fears.


It’s a therapeutic playground where the player will need to think creatively, bending their perception of reality, in order to stand a chance at uniting the Worry people This game is currently in development by Rémi Forcadell and Arnaud De Bock, between Paris and London.


  • A game where you don't die.
  • A Playground to discover and experiment social experience.
  • a game where you don't kill anything.
  • A game where you can take your time.
  • A unique organic physic system.
  • A Game where you are not a hero, but where you need to make friends.


This is a some footage of the first historical PikuNiku Prototype YouTube


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There are currently no logos or icons available for PikuNiku. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!

Awards & Recognition

  • "Showcased at EGX" Birmingham, 22-25 September, 2016
  • "Showcased at Fantastic Arcade" Austin, 22-28 September, 2016
  • "Showcased at Day Of The Devs" San Francisco, 5 November, 2016

Selected Articles

  • "Pikuniku is A TOTAL JOY. I was giggling the whole way through."
    - Kate Gray, twitter
  • " If you need a game that'll put a smile on your face ... It's ace. "
    - Tom Phillips, Eurogamer
  • "Ce jeu névrotique a l’air incroyable, formidable et complètement débile "
    - Kocobe, Journal du Gamer

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PikuNiku Credits

Remi Forcadell
Game Developer/Art/Sound

Arnaud DE Bock
Game Design/Art/PR

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks